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RED by HangingApollo
an experimentation i did with inks. I'm actually really pleased as to how this artwork turned out.

HYSTERIA by HangingApollo
-A new character I'm working on for a new story which isn't Olympus Mons. Nemesis Blues. Think of it as cowboy bebop and Firefly meets bioshock.
I was inspired by the Muse song hysteria for this character.

Roskov Security Enforcement file no. 61636

Other names: Subject 1008, "Azrael"
Date of Birth: --FILE TERMINATED--
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown
Height: 179 cm.
Eyes: --FILE TERMINATED-- Now Red.

Azrael is said to be the embodiment of death. A powerful psychic and technopath. Azrael, was born into a well to do family with the name of --FILE TERMINATED--, and was constantly travelling the galaxy due to his fathers work. After seeing the "unjust acts" dealt out by the Roskov empire, and graduating from --FILE TERMINATED--, --FILE TERMINATED-- wanted to "right the wrongs" of the Roskov empire, taking part in protests. His colleagues however, were gunned down in one particular protest, and thus, a revolution was at hand. Although not an experienced fighter, he trained and fought with other revolutionaries, and was known for his  keen strategic mind. He and his comrades were attacked by a coordinated assault by the Roskov empire, known as Operation Curtain Call in 13/09/2398. --FILE TERMINATED-- and the surviving allies were forced to surrender. Taken in, --FILE TERMINATED-- was tested for psychic traces, and came in with overwhelming results. Those who weren't were used as targets (publically executed- or killed by test subjects). Through each test, --FILE TERMINATED-- was slowly brainwashed until finally he had hardly any recollection of his true identity. He was named Subject 1008- "Azrael", and was brainwashed to become one of the Roskov Empire's new breed of super soldiers. Hooked to a machine and kept in a suit which offered protection against gases and some bullets, subject 1008 was tested again and again, but traces of --FILE TERMINATED-- still remained. In order to fully cut all ties to his past, he was forced to kill off his comrades. Resisting electrical prods and serums, --FILE TERMINATED-- resisted, and activated his second power, technopathy, which caused a black out. Breaking from his binds, subject 1008 went on a rampage, killing almost everyone inside, except one, Dr. Satsuki Watari, though information on her will be left on the next report. It is thought that he and Watari are collaborating to lay siege to the Roskov Empire. It should be noted that subject 1008 should be approached with EXTREME caution, as many of his victims have yet to be identified due to the state that they are left in. Azrael exhibits powerful psychic abilities being able to stop incoming bullets and projectiles and has been reported taking a Perinov-44 battle cruiser out of commission. He has been known to have a rabid but resourceful fighting style, often throwing his assailants around like ragdolls before --DATA EXPUNGED--. Gerard has also been known to possess his victims by transforming into a ethereal like state and entering the body of his chosen target, gathering information, as well as being able to use the skills of his target while in the body. In terms of technopathy, Subject 1008 can cause massive blackouts, control machinery and technology, and interfere with wireless transmissions and frequency. No doubt subject 1008 poses a threat to security as well as the influence of the Empire.

SECURITY MEASURES: Taking Subject 1008 into custody is a fools errand that has cost the Roskov high amounts of resources and casualties. Subject must be terminated by any means necessary. Recommended uses include the completion of Project Genesis in which subject 1013 seems to be a rising candinate, displaying inept degrees of Tychokinesis- the uncanny ability to manipulate probability. Should subject 1013's odds fall out of favour, it would be recommended that Operation "Hammerfall" be placed in full effect.

-File will be kept in date.

Art and Story belong to moi.
So I'm not dead... yet. 

Still haven't submitted art.... 

Honestly, I've got over a dozen sketches that I haven't submitted and I still haven't submitted them. ON the plus side, I'm gonna get a new scanner, (because my current one only deals with A4 material), and I'm gonna try and pick up on some digital art techniques... Hopefully I keep to my word this time. 

ANYWAY, if you happen to come across this, know that I am still alive, in near-good health, and I'm still drawing.... I'm just not submitting anything ATM... so yeah.... 


Edward M
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I support these plz icons.



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